in competence.

Comprehensive clinical competencies managed with the simplicity of an app.

A revolution
in competencies.

Designed for clinicians who need to develop their competencies throughout their careers, Compassly is a digital record of your clinical skills that can be used to effortlessly prove your competence wherever you need to.
Highly configurable
For all clinical staff
Easy to use
Simple to maintain
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Build skills
across multiple organisations.

Compassly lets you build your own competency passport that can seamlessly work across multiple organisations, over your career or at the same time. And joining a new organisation is a simple as a quick scan of your unique identification code, saving everyone vital time.
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From local hospital to international.

Compassly is truly scalable, and adapts to any size organisation. It can be used within a single healthcare provider to handle all clinical competencies, or for competency authors to digitise competency passports nationally or even internationally.
For healthcare providers
Find out how Compassly can support the management of clinical competencies across all staff groups
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For competency authors
Hear how Compassly has revolutionised competency passports for organisations like UKONS and BOPA
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Powerful features.
Beautiful simplicity.

Compassly has been developed alongside leading NHS professionals to fit perfectly with how they want to assess competency. From powerful knowledge and skills assessments through to certificates and reporting, Compassly handles it all for you.

Find out more about how Compassly’s advanced features can support your workforce professional development
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