In many clinical professional specialties, the experience and knowledge to define clinical training standards sits with specialist clinical societies, associations and networks. These groups often find themselves the de facto experts on clinical competency standards, but translating that into consistent, usable standards is a whole other challenge.

The need for competency passports

Many specialist clinical groups have realised the challenge their colleagues in each hospital or healthcare provider are going through:
" In the absence of any standardised competency assessment, each organisation is forced to create their own specialist clinical competencies."

To solve these challenges, leading clinical groups have started to develop competency passports. These are consistent assessment standards that can be used nation-wide, written once by the expert group. This eliminates many of the challenges above, but introduces a brand new one - paper.
While this makes these authors perfectly placed to author competency passports, the tools to make them (Word documents and PDFs) create huge challenges of their own

The challenge of paper passports

Vast paper documents, difficult to write and distribute
Places burden on frontline clinical teams, with no tools to help them
No data or oversight from paper records
Challenging to maintain and update standards
Issues accessing, saving and verifying paper records

Compassly as a solution

Compassly is truly unique, a solution that has been built from the bottom-up to solve the challenges that competency authors face. It solves all the challenges of competency passport simply and elegantly
A true digital passport; standards can be distributed across any number of organisations, and users gain a universal record that can travel and grow with them
Hugely flexible and configurable, with a wide range of tools to allow theoretical and practical assessments (including advanced features to save users’ time), submission and marking of evidence and written statements / declarations
Incredibly easy to use, and available on phones, tablets and computers, in an app or on the web
All data is held digitally, continuously backed up in the cloud and available for intelligent reporting across all users and organisations

How Compassly works

Compassly is a complete distribution platform for clinical competencies, allowing competency authors to share standards across any number of healthcare providers, all with completely portable competencies.

Powerful features
to power your competencies.

Compassly has been developed and refined working alongside clinical experts, and includes a full range of features to power your competencies the way you need them.
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Case studies

We’re proud to have been chosen by two of the leading membership organisations in oncology for their digital competency passports: UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) and British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA)

These have been true partnerships, helping to build their digital passports on the Compassly platform.With both UKONS and BOPA, we worked closely alongside the clinical experts and leaders to develop and adapt Compassly to work exactly the way that they needed. And then we kept going, finding new opportunities for the technology to help them in ways they hadn’t previously thought possible.

Supporting you, wherever you are
in the journey

Some professional groups will have fully developed competency standards already in use, but on paper - as UKONS did. Some will be developing their first national standards from existing regional materials - as BOPA did.Others may want to work on competency standards, but have no existing material and don’t know where to start.

Wherever you are on the journey, with the experience we’ve gained working alongside these leading organisations, we can support you in turning your clinical expertise into a powerful digital competency passport for your clinical specialty and for your members.

A single platform

Compassly is a unique, seamless platform that allows healthcare professionals to work on the competencies from their employer alongside those written by expert authors.
Providers can request access to competencies from other providers or expert authors, and those authors can distribute their standards nationally across healthcare providers - all through a single platform, and a single login for staff.

Don’t see what you need?

There’s a good chance we can work alongside you to develop it, just as we have with other authors. Competency standards are developed carefully and reviewed by experts across the country. We do not believe that the technology should make you abandon this to fit the way the system works.
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