Take complete control
of competencies.

Compassly is a simple but powerful app that gives full oversight of clinical competencies. Hospitals and other healthcare providers can support clinical staff in ensuring competencies are gained and maintained without the usual piles of paperwork, and with built-in reporting they can also provide full assurance that clinical competencies safe and up-to-date.

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A critical healthcare challenge

Competencies are at the heart of some of the most important aspects of providing healthcare
Taking care of patients
Developing & retaining healthcare professionals
Understanding the skills of the workforce
But managing them clinical is one of the biggest hidden challenges within healthcare.
Paper heavy, impossible to manage
Time consuming and frustrating for staff
No information or assurance for leaders
Not portable, so repeated when staff move

Compassly makes all of this easy.

Compassly is a complete platform for managing clinical competencies. It eliminates paper and frees up critical time for staff across the organisation, while providing insight and assurance to clinical leaders.

How Compassly works:

Benefits for you and your teams.

Compassly brings enormous benefits to healthcare providers by empowering
Eliminate paper. Gain control.
With Compassly there are no more paper records - all assessments are completed and tracked within the app. Even historical competencies can be added - take a photo, upload a document or image for a full evidence record.
Instant assurance
Live reporting gives true insight into the skill mix of staff, the progress being made across the hospital and areas where further support is needed, giving leaders full oversight and assurance.
Support your staff
Compassly helps you understand where staff are progressing and to support them in their professional development - helping them stay motivated, and to reach their full potential. This transparency is also great for fairness, to give all staff an equal chance to progress.
Instant assurance
As an organisation on Compassly, you have access to the full range of our powerful competency library authoring tools so you can build your own competencies, configured as you need them. Don’t want to? Our team can manage all your competencies for you, all included in the licence.
A perfect match for all staff
Your competencies can be configured into any combination of portfolios to ensure staff are easily and consistently assigned the right competencies to develop. And you can still give managers local control of optional competencies.
Simple for all
We’ve made Compassly incredibly easy for staff to use. It’s an intuitive app, with little or no training required - users have described it as a joy to use,. You can install on your organisation’s mobile devices, staff can use their own, or the app can be accessed through the web (mobile or desktop).
Career-long learning
In Compassly, competencies stay with the individual and are portable across organisations. Staff are motivated, knowing that they are working towards their own personal development, with competencies that can stay with them throughout their careers.
Share the very best clinical standards
Not only are individual competency achievements portable, whole competency assessment standards are too - within local groups, Integrated Care Systems or even nationally. This helps avoid reinventing the wheel each time, and supports sharing best practice across the whole of healthcare.

Everything you need for competencies

Compassly brings a wide range of features to support your clinical workforce through developing and maintaining competencies.
Gain full insight with detailed reporting
and instant alerts
Stay up-to-date with competency deadlines, expiry and renewal
Handle changes over time with updates and the ability to revoke competencies
Built-in reference library for learning and policy documents
Adaptable for theoretical and practical assessments

A single platform

Compassly is a unique, seamless platform that allows healthcare professionals to work on the competencies from their employer alongside those written by expert authors.
Providers can request access to competencies from other providers or expert authors, and those authors can distribute their standards nationally across healthcare providers - all through a single platform, and a single login for staff.