Compassly Clinics

The implementation of the UKONS Digital SACT Competency Passport on Compassly has been kindly supported by B Braun
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Need more help?

Thanks to the support of B Braun, we’ve made available a range of times for you to book a call for free with a Compassly expert to talk through any questions you have on the system or support you through using it if you’re less confident in technology.
These slots are only available to UKONS members, and we will need to check your details against the UKONS membership after you have booked a slot.

Booking a slot

You can book a slot online, and the system will send you a Teams invite for that time. We’ve staggered the slots to try to cover a range of days and times. Click "Book now" to go to our dedicated booking page.

Book now

About the booking slots

Slots are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, through the portal.

Slots are limited, and therefore if you are no longer able to attend your session please do let us know so we can open up the time for others.

There is no firm cap on the number of sessions any individual UKONS member can book, but we reserve the right to cancel or postpone repeat bookings in order to free up time from other people who have not yet received support.

How to make the most of the time

If you have any specific questions you’d like us to answer, please specify this in the Notes section when you book - this will help us prepare and be ready to talk you through the right solution.

With your consent, we can record the sessions and share the (private) recording link with you afterwards in case you want to go back and review anything we have showed you.

Can’t find one that works?

We understand that clinical sessions can make it hard to find free time in the diary, so if you can’t make any of the slots shown above, we will try to accommodate other times on a best-endeavours basis.

Please Contact us, ideally with a few options of times that would work for you.

Want more personalised help?

For organisations with larger departments or who need more significant help, the Compassly team can arrange for bespoke training sessions - virtually on Teams or in-person as required.

Please note that bespoke in-person or virtual training has not been funded, and therefore would be subject to an additional charge to your organisation. We have, however, agreed a discounted rate for training sessions with UKONS.

We may be able to run these sessions at a reduced or even free rate if we are already visiting your organisation to meet more broadly on Compassly or if your organisation is already a Compassly customer.Further details are available upon request.

Contact us for further details