Compassly selected to participate in AWS Healthcare Accelerator

Compassly will use AWS Cloud solutions to support healthcare professional development offerings

LONDON, UK (March 27, 2023) —Tefogo today announced that its digital clinical competency platform Compassly has been selected for inclusion in the AWS Healthcare Accelerator: Global Cohort for Workforce, which is advancing solutions for addressing urgent challenges facing the healthcare workforce.

Healthcare workforce shortages are at crisis levels, driven by burnout, shrinking budgets, and the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic. As a result, patients may go untreated or experience delays in care, and healthcare workers need support now more than ever.

This AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a four-week technical, business, and mentorship program for startups seeking to use AWS to improve healthcare workforce training, retention, and deployment. This opportunity will support Tefogo’s efforts to empower healthcare professional development with digital competency passports on the Compassly platform, allowing healthcare staff to gain and maintain the best clinical standards throughout their careers.

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator curriculum provides opportunities such as hands-on AWS Cloud and technical training, mentorship from healthcare leaders, and exposure to AWS customers and members of the AWS Partner Network. Tefogo may also receive AWS computing credits and opportunities to speak with investors and industry experts, including at a Demo Day where Compassly will be showcased.

Compassly is a mobile app that helps clinical leaders assess their teams’ skills and ensure compliance standards are met, eliminating time wasted on paper reports. It also provides a digital record of an individual’s clinical skills and promotes ongoing professional development. With the Accelerator, Tefogo will further leverage the capabilities of AWS, including the powerful business intelligence available via Amazon QuickSight to help make data-driven decisions, and advanced machine learning capabilities to help reduce the administrative burden on staff. In addition, Compassly will utilise a range of AWS services to maximise the security, availability and performance of the platform, to help healthcare professionals make the best use of their time on Compassly.

“Tefogo’s mission with Compassly is to help all healthcare professionals develop and maintain the best possible competencies so that they can provide safe, effective and compassionate care to patients,” said Jonathan Knight, CEO and Co-founder of Tefogo. “From the start, Tefogo built Compassly using the advanced capabilities and high reliability offered by AWS. Being part of this global AWS Healthcare Accelerator is a fantastic opportunity to maximise our use of AWS, reach new healthcare leaders and work with the best experts and digital pioneers in the industry to help deliver on our mission”.

“Solutions to help clinicians as well as other office and technical staff in healthcare are needed urgently and globally,” said Dr. Rowland Illing, Chief Medical Officer and Director of International Public Sector Health at AWS. “We know that advancing cloud- and technology-enabled approaches can alleviate some of the burden, and we’re proud to be convening standout startups and healthcare leaders in this first-ever global Accelerator to do that.”  

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About Tefogo and Compassly

Tefogo Ltd is based in London, UK and was founded in 2020 to develop the best digital tools to help healthcare professionals provide the most effective, safe and compassionate care to patients. Our first product is Compassly, the first digital clinical competency passport solution that can be used at any scale, from within an organisation to internationally, to support all healthcare professionals to develop and maintain their clinical competencies. It provides a seamless way for standards bodies to provide competency passports to relevant clinicians, and a simple but powerful way for healthcare providers to ensure all staff have the skills they need to care for their patients.

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