Competency Packages

As we continue to improve Compassly, we’re excited to share an enhancement requested by our users: the introduction of ‘Competency Packages’.

Why this was needed

Through shared competency library, Compassly has always allowed organisations to share individual competencies. Yet, in practice, competencies often co-exist in groups rather than in isolation – they often exist as a “package” of competencies that are related and are generally assigned together. Previously, each organisation would have to put together their own combination of competencies as job description templates, unnecessarily repeating the same work.

The introduction of packages

In response, we’ve created the concept of ‘Competency Packages’. In essence, this new feature allows organisations to bundle a specific set of competencies, much like crafting job description templates, and then share these as “external packages”. Other organisations can then bring in those external packages, tagging them in exactly the same way as an internal job description template so that they are applied to exactly the right groups of staff. Each organisation will always be in control of which staff members they are assigning these packages to.

These packages update the same as internal job description templates too, so new competencies can be easily added and changes are automatically synchronised across all organisations using that package. And just like internal templates, you can include any mix of core or optional competencies in the package, with the added provision to include descriptions and guidance.

Moreover, the introduction of Competency Packages doesn’t limit the use of shared competencies individually. They can still be utilised in shared packages or incorporated into your unique job description templates, offering you great flexibility.

This feature holds particular promise for standards authors. It facilitates the creation and distribution of a well-defined portfolio of competencies that can be consistently used across healthcare provider organisations, optimising the entire process.

As always, we welcome your feedback and queries. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts.