Competency references

In the latest version of Compassly we’ve created a new “Reference material” section for each competency. This new feature allows editors of competencies to include as many reference materials as they want, each as an individually referenced file or web link.

This means that users can have any reference material they need for a competency instantly to hand, directly in the app – no more having to go back and check paper policies or login to a desktop computer to scour the intranet.

How it works

The reference section is located below the competency Status on the Competency Overview screen.

(If you can’t see the button, it means no reference materials have been included for this competency)

The “View reference files” button takes you to the screen where you’ll be able to see all the attached reference material for this competency.

Click on an individual tile to open the reference file or link.

Reference material can also be included for individual assessment questions, meaning assessors need never go back to paper documents for any detailed assessment stages.

Powerful and flexible

Reference material can be attached as any combination of PDFs, images, web links and directly editable documents. Embedded videos can be played directly in the app, bringing the content to life for users and allowing you to consolidate all your reference material in one place.

Behind the scenes

Compassly includes a flexible document reference library, allowing editors to upload a file once and deploy it across multiple competencies – useful when a single policy or reference document covers a range of different competencies. But each competency can include customised guidance to the user for that policy, for example to direct users to the relevant page of the policy for that specific competency.

These reference documents can be versioned too, so if you ever need to update the policy you can replace it once in the reference library and it will automatically be updated in all competencies that reference it – quicker and easier, but also helping to ensure that everyone is using the latest version.