Digital SACT Passport SME role specification

Thanks for your interest in the Subject Matter Expert role as part of the UKONS Digital SACT Passport project.

As part of the project we will be appointing to a paid part-time role to provide subject matter expertise on SACT and the competency passport. The work will directly impact thousands of current and future users of the SACT Passport and indirectly improve the quality of care for tens of thousands of patients. It is also an exciting opportunity to help shape the future of this digital solution and gain experience of working alongside the development-to-deployment of a ground-breaking new application.

This page gives an overview of the role, the process to apply, and the role specification.

This information is also available as a PDF, for off-line usage:


We have also created a Word Document template of the application form, to help you prepare your answers before submitting the form:


Overview of the project

The project is to bring the existing UKONS SACT Competency Passport into a digital format on the Compassly competency passport app.

It is expected to run from September 2022 until around May 2023, but timing is subject to change based on detailed scoping and development.

Please refer to the announcement communications and FAQ for further details on the project itself.

Why we need this role

Providing expert input to a technical development team

The project involves adapting the existing competency passport platform, Compassly, to work with the requirements of the UKONS SACT Competency Passport. The work to adapt the platform will be carried out by the developers, Tefogo, but their background is in healthcare technology not healthcare itself, and they do not have clinical expertise (let alone deeper cancer care experience) in the team.

This role has therefore been specified between UKONS and Tefogo to ensure that there is sufficient, detailed and skilled clinical input into the product specification and design.  

Updating the content

The main objective of the project is the technical development work to digitalise the SACT Passport. This is likely to involve adapting the material and processes to suit the new digital format, including taking advantage of new opportunities that technology provides. The focus of the project is not a wider exercise in updating all the underlying content of the passport, but there may be areas where it makes sense to do so alongside the changes needed to digitise it.

These updates require the detailed input and oversight of someone with in-depth knowledge of SACT and considerable experience of using the SACT Passport and the environment in which it is used. This role will also be responsible for the detailed work of reviewing the content of the passport and drafting recommended changes.  

Note that final responsibility for the content of the SACT Passport will be through the existing UKONS channels.

This is not a technical role

For the avoidance of doubt, no technical software development experience is required for this role. Although the role involves working closely with the software product development team and processes, this role is to provide input from a clinical and operational perspective. It is not to provide any technical input, or to bring experience of software product development techniques.

As noted in the Role Specification, we do expect candidates to have a high level of confidence and commitment to using digital solutions, but this does not extend to software development itself.  

Differentiation from the steering group

We have setup a project steering group that has met for the last few months, but this convenes for an hour each month to provide a high-level oversight and governance of the project. Its purpose is not to provide detailed input and it is not setup to spend significant time on the project. This role is therefore separate and additional to the steering group and its members, although the two will need to work closely together. The steering group will have ultimate responsibility for the content in the SACT Passport, reporting into the UKONS board.

Overview of the role

Key tasks

  • Provide expert input into the digital product features to help deliver scoping, design and functionality. This includes tasks such as:
  • Working with the development team to understand and accurately document the current paper processes and forms involved in the SACT Passport
  • Constructively critiquing the existing SACT Passport to help develop opportunities for improvement
  • Help design and critique new process flows and requirements in the Compassly app
  • Gathering feedback from existing users and wider stakeholders on their experiences in using the passport and areas for development – including convening and facilitating relevant discussions and writing up the outcomes as input to design work
  • This includes the broader educational aspects of SACT competency development
  • Detailed reviews of existing competency passport material and drafting recommended changes, including obtaining suitable clinical expert input and review of the published literature
  • Including a variety of different user types, e.g. new users, those marking and assessing, experienced and revalidating users etc.
  • Lead the process for having revisions validated and accepted for the new version of the passport
  • Testing the product from the perspective of a user. This is functional testing as a user (does it achieve the planned design objective) rather than technical testing as a developer (is it stable with no bugs)

Note that the role will involve a mix of directly reviewing / authoring material personally, and also facilitating wider groups to help gather their views.

Other occasional tasks may include:

  • Helping draft communications to UKONS members and wider stakeholders on the project and product
  • Updating the steering group where relevant, and facilitating their discussions and decisions
  • Presenting proposed feature plans to wider stakeholder groups

And other similar tasks to support the overall needs of the project.

Time commitment

The role is part-time, with the expected commitment around 2-4 working days per month. The ability to work flexibly within that range would be helpful for the project, as some phases will be more intensive than others. However, we appreciate that some people considering the role may not have this flexibility and would not want this to be a barrier, and we are open to discussing how we could structure a regular, fixed schedule role.


The funding for this role is provided by Tefogo Ltd (in line with the contractual arrangements with UKONS), and all agreements will be with Tefogo Ltd.  

The role will be offered as a fixed term, part-time contract for the duration of the project. Given the working arrangements we would normally expect this to be on the basis of personal or organisational contracting, not payroll employment.  

However, we are open to other arrangements, including arrangements involving your main employer if more appropriate – for example Tefogo provide direct funding to your employer, who agree to release your time to the project. We are also open to Tefogo payroll employment, and we would not want contracting arrangements to be a barrier to the right candidate (and it will form no part of the assessment of candidates).


The role is offered at £250 per day. This is a day rate that equates to around NHS Agenda for Change experienced Band 8a on a national level (closer to an experienced band 7 with Inner London waiting).  

Given the contractual basis, it is important to be clear that this is on a “day rate” basis. This means that this is an all-inclusive rate, with no additional allowances (e.g. for any applicable pension, National Insurance etc.) and does not include any direct provision for non-working time (e.g. holiday, sick leave, parental or other leave of absence etc).


The role is ready to start now and expected to be appointed in early October, but we can have some flexibility if time is needed to reach an arrangement with the main employer or other existing commitments.

The project is expected to last through to around May 2023, although an extension may be offered to help with the implementation phase or any project extension.

Working arrangements

This is a fully remote role, with no requirement to attend a specific work location.

There may be the need for a small amount of travel for specific meetings or workshops; all meetings to date have been remote, but we may host some in-person in the future. Any reasonable travel cost expenses will be covered, in line with Tefogo policy.

You would be expected to provide your own IT equipment (or have permitted use of another organisation’s), at a minimum a modern computer (Windows or Mac) and smartphone (iOS or Android) with core productivity software (MS Office). We may consider providing equipment in exceptional circumstances.  


A detailed Role Specification is outlined below. This has been drafted by Tefogo based on previous UKONS roles and approved by the project steering group.

Clarification questions

We want to ensure that everyone can fully understand the role and requirements. You are welcome to ask any clarification questions up until a week before the application deadline. Please email with your question, and we will publish all clarification questions received on this page on Monday 26th September 2022.

Commitment to equal opportunities

Tefogo is committed to being equal opportunities employer (including for contracted roles), and we are determined to ensure that no applicant, employee or contractor receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

We believe that our approach supports this, but if you have any concerns or suggestions for improving our approach to equality throughout this process, we would welcome your views. Please email with the subject “Equality – applications” and referencing this application. This feedback will not influence your application, however you are welcome to provide it anonymously if you prefer. This can be done through the “Contact Us” form on our website,  

How to apply

There are two parts to the application.

Please ensure you use the same email address on the online application form as you submit your supporting information, so we can easily collate the responses.

1. Online application form

This contains a brief set of questions on your suitability for the role:

Open application form

Please complete and submit the application form – those answers will automatically be sent to us.

2. Supporting information

The form is unable to accept any supporting information, so please email with a professional CV (as a PDF attachment). This should be no more than the equivalent of two sides of A4, at a minimum of a 10pt font size.

If you wish to include any more detailed information (such as full details on qualifications, publications, references etc.) these should be attached separately as PDFs. This is entirely optional and will not be directly scored. The panel reviewing applications will only have limited time to review such material.

Please ensure your total attachments are under 10mb to ensure email transmission.  


  • All queries and clarification questions should be provided by Friday 23rd September 2022
  • Closing date for applications is Friday 30th September 2022

We will review all applications on the following basis:

  • UKONS will carry out the initial screening to ensure candidates are suitably qualified
  • If there are more qualified candidates than shortlisting spaces, a panel from UKONS will review all qualified candidates to agree a short-list for interview
  • Tefogo and UKONS will jointly interview the shortlisted candidates
  • UKONS and Tefogo will review the feedback from the process and agree the preferred candidate
  • We will aim to interview all shortlisted candidates and complete the application process by mid-October

We reserve the right to change both the timing and process, subject to the volume of applications we receive.

Role Specification

1. Education


  • Registered with the NMC
  • SACT qualification or equivalent
  • Active SACT Competency Passport registration
  • Evidence of continuing professional development


  • Demonstrable knowledge of cancer nursing education and training
  • Education qualification or plans to complete within the next 18 months e.g. PGCert
  • Mentorship qualification or equivalent, evidenced in clinical practice
  • Educated to post-graduate level in an applicable subject

2. Experience


Recent experience of:

  • SACT practice
  • Working in a clinical leadership role (e.g. Band 6 or above)
  • Health assessment consultations with people with cancer
  • Teaching other healthcare professionals, including assessing using the UKONS SACT Competency Passport and marking guide


Recent experience of:

  • Assessing others across a variety of SACT administration routes (oral, intramuscular or subcutaneous, intravenous)
  • Completing SACT Passport annual re-accreditation and reviewing new joiners’ existing SACT Passports from other organisations  
  • Experience of leading digital change or implementation project
  • Experience teaching postgraduate nursing students
  • Advanced clinical leadership role (e.g. Band 7 or above)

3. Knowledge and understanding


  • Knowledge, understanding of current SACT practice
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of assessing patients prior to SACT treatment
  • Strong working understanding and familiarity with the UKONS SACT Passport


  • Operational understanding of learning outcome, assessment and competence frameworks
  • Knowledge of wider digital solutions in use in nursing

4. Skills and abilities


  • Proficient in using digital technology, including computer, web and mobile applications
  • Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to work independently using own initiative
  • Excellent prioritisation skills handling constantly changing demands and requirements
  • Effective team member


  • Advanced communication skills, including presenting to leadership groups and wider stakeholders
  • Able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of digital solution

5. Disposition


  • An interest in developing digital solutions, and an advocate for technology in healthcare
  • Professional, collegiate attitude with personal credibility
  • Self-confident individual able to work at senior levels both internally and externally
  • Able to build credible and professional working relationships with commercial partners


  • Empathetic to those with different levels of comfort and familiarity with technology