Introducing our CNIO interview series for IND 2022

DigitalHealth.London and Compassly  

CNIOs and International Nursing Day

The theme for IND 2022 is:

Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global health.  

As DigitalHealth.London and Compassly, we are passionate about technology to improve the delivery of healthcare, and so we wanted to hear directly from nursing leaders who are investing in changes in healthcare technology – in particular, the Chief Nursing Information Officer.  

With Ruth May recently announcing the ambition for a CNIO in every organisation there’s a lot of interest in the role, but perhaps not as wide understanding of what the role actually involves.  

These articles for IND 2022 bring together the views from a range of CNIOs to help raise that level of understanding – on the role of the CNIO itself, but also their perspectives on technology in nursing and working with digital suppliers, as experts and leaders working in the field of digital health.

Who we are


DigitalHealth.London connects NHS staff, digital health companies and academics, and equips them to improve the NHS and social care in London through digital technology.

Our four programmes provide bespoke advice, mentoring, education, peer networking, brand awareness and partnership opportunities, to digital health leaders who are tackling the biggest challenges facing patients, and NHS and Social Care staff.


Compassly is one of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator cohort companies.

Compassly is an app that lets clinical leaders easily assess the skills of their teams live on a smartphone or tablet, to help ensure that healthcare professionals have the right skills to care for their patients. It reduces wasted time and effort on paper assessments and gives complete evidence and assurance to clinical leaders. By supporting a consistently high standard of professional development, it helps with staff motivation and retention. And by improving staff clinical competencies and reducing unwarranted variation, it leads to improvements in patient safety and experience.  

The panel

Although we’re writing this from London, we wanted to get perspectives from CNIOs both in the capital and beyond. And healthcare is a rich a varied environment (a point consistently raised by our CNIOs), so we’re fortunate to have opinions from CNIOs in large teaching hospitals, DGHs and specialised hospitals too, to give some flavour of that variety.

We thank them all for giving up their time and sharing their views here.

Our CNIO panel, in alphabetical order:

(*) Some of our panellists were not available for interview in advance of IND, so these articles will be updated with their views shortly.

We’ve taken extracts from all the interviews to tell the story across the panellists; any errors or omissions should be seen as ours rather than theirs.

The topics we covered

There were three key topics we asked the CNIOs about, and we’ve dedicated an article to each:

  1. The role of the CNIO
  1. Technology and nursing
  1. Digital solution providers working with nursing and the NHS

We’re releasing part 1 today, on International Nurses Day, and will follow with parts 2 and 3 over the coming week.

Continuing the discussion

A strong theme that came out from the interviews was the power and warmth of the network that exists with CNIOs, and the supportive discussions that are taking place virtually, on Twitter in particular. We’ve included the Twitter handles of the panel with their biographies and would encourage nurses interested further in digital to reach out and continue the discussion online.