Multi-user login

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Historically with Compassly we’ve focussed on the use of the app on each individual’s personal device, and the design of our login setup has been built around this – including adding biometric login to make login quick and easy on mobile.

But we know that not everyone is using their personal devices for Compassly. In some cases a single mobile device, provided by the organisation, is being shared across many different users.

Why this was a problem

For users sharing a device, this meant the first user logging all the way out, and the second user starting again from scratch.

And to switch back to the first user… they’d have to repeat the whole thing. Not impossible, but a bit of a pain and a waste of time.

New – multi-user login

To make this quicker and easier, we’ve built a brand new multi-user login.

Now, multiple users can keep their login profiles ready on the same device, and just tap and enter their password to get going.

And when you’re done, you can quickly exit back to the user switcher, ready for other colleagues to login quickly themselves

How come no biometrics?

Because we’re not allowed to :(

We know our users love the quick login experience with biometrics, but sadly Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android) only allow a single biometric profile to be setup for logging into apps. This is a fundamental restriction of these mobile devices, and doesn’t look like changing anytime soon unfortunately.

Choices, choices

“Sounds great! So how do I select which login experience I use?”

You don’t have to!

If you’re using your own device with just you logged in, your current login experience will be unchanged – including using biometrics.

To switch to the new multi-user login you just need to log all the way out and choose “Add New User”. This will allow a second user to set themselves up on the same device, and any subsequent users beyond that.

Each user can choose to remove themselves from the device each time they finish, or this can be done manually later. If all users are removed, then the login experience will switch back to the single-user setup, including biometrics.