Suggest a change to the Digital SACT Competency Passport

We welcome all suggestions for how the Digital SACT Competency Passport could be further improved - from minor tweaks to questions or references, bugs or ideas for improving the app or far broader ideas for further development.

How we will consider changes

To ensure that all changes are consistently and throughly reviewed, we have implemented a consistent process for all suggestions.

1. Query/suggestion raised.
Query or suggestion about the passport content is brought to a marker or assessor.

2. Complete suggestion form. Marker or assessor completes the form below outlining query/suggestion.

3. SME review. Compassly send all relevant queries/suggestions to the project Subject Matter Expert (SME).

4. Stakeholder engagement. The project SME produces potential changes based on the suggestion and sends to the stakeholder group giving a deadline for response

5. Suggested changes. The project SME compiles suggested changes to the content in a powerpoint presentation

6. Present at SACT Members Interest Group (MIG). Changes are presented at the SACT MIG and will be either approved for inclusion in the passport - or postponed / rejected with a reason
Once changes are accepted, the overall approach is to:
• Publish minor changes on an ongoing basis - e.g. updates to references, tweaks to the wording of questions, typos etc.•
• Publish more significant changes on a batched, periodic basis - e.g. changes to sections, any additional questions or content

This is to balance the need to make the latest material available against not confusing people with unexpected major changes.

Submitting a suggestion

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